Therapy Services

Below you will find elaborated explanations of the types of therapeutic services I offer, including: individual therapy, adolescent specific therapy, couples therapy, family therapy and combined services for individuals with eating disorders and disordered eating. I enjoy working with persons of all gender identifications and sexual orientations across ages 13 and up. 

Individual Therapy

When clients come into therapy, it is not unusual that they feel the problem is located inextricably within them. Our goal becomes how to look at the issues at hand with a slight degree of separation, so they can be properly examined without the shame and guilt that can cloud a client’s ability to self-reflect. Increasing this awareness allows my clients to access their innate strengths and assets and apply them to defend against the negative thought patterns that can easily lead to issues like anxiety and depression.

Couples Therapy

All too often, clients seeking couples therapy walk into session fearful that they will be blamed and identified as the problem in their relationship. This can lead to a lot of anticipatory fear and anxiety about entering into couples therapy and sometimes impedes the process altogether. My approach invites clients away from blame, to instead locate the strengths that each member of a couple brings to their relationship. We then collaboratively identify how to apply these strengths as a unified front against whatever is infringing on the relationship. This allows both members of the couple to feel empowered and to engage in problem solving in a space that is safe, constructive and collaborative. 

Family Therapy

Whether family therapy plays a role as an extension off of individual or couples therapy, or serves as the primary core of therapeutic work, it is almost always extremely impactful. My approach to family therapy allows each member to be seen and valued simultaneously as an individual as well as a member of a larger system. I strive to create space for each member’s voice while also clinically illuminating the dynamics at hand.