”Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

-Leonard Cohen

My clinical social work training has taught me to illuminate the many circles of influence around each individual. My narrative therapy training has taught me to question the constructs within them.

I approach therapy in a way that encourages clients to develop the emotional space to examine challenges without identifying as the problem themselves. This healthy distance allows us the ability to collaboratively examine a situation, pattern or behavior, from a position resting on curiosity and backed by empowerment.

With families and couples, I help foster an environment for both the voice of each individual and illumination of the interpersonal dynamics at hand. I am as comfortable incorporating traditional, evidence-based methods, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as I am spirituality, creative writing and meditation.

The heart of my training has been delving into the world of eating disorder and exercise addiction recovery. I find working within this sphere to be immensely gratifying and rich with diverse experiences to explore. In my work, it has become abundantly evident that these disorders thrive in isolation. Because of this, I am happy to provide adjunct couples and family therapy to my individual therapy clients seeking eating disorder related care. 

Social justice plays a crucial role in my work in numerous ways. It is important that I not only empower clients as they navigate how move through the world, but that I play a role in making that world one that welcomes them. I am passionate about incorporating the principals of Health at Every Size® or HAES® in my eating disorder treatment work and aim to collaborate with other professionals with this background. For similar social justice reasons, I maintain a safe, informed and welcoming clinical space for clients within the LGBTQ+ community, knowing that one's identity may or may not play a role in the reasons behind seeking therapeutic space. 

I find it imperative to maintain a collaborative working dynamic that is uniquely and authentically driven by each client. Creating a non-hierarchal space is a core therapeutic value of mine.Through this approach, I hope each of my clients feels a sense of deep empowerment and connection to the resources they already possess. I aim to uncover these resources, provide new ones, be an advocate for accessing any additionally desired supports and bring all of this together towards whatever your present goals may be. 






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